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2d wif no shirt
Posted by taggedskizzle on 2008.07.25 at 19:39
 Ah, alas, I HAVE returned wif another fanfic.

Title: I need a Vacation
Length: One Shot, 1,440 words
Rating: Absolutely clean. NOT~ NC-17
Summery: Um...hmm...Murdoc's anger problem buys him a bit more than a vacation in this fic? xD
Warnings: Dominance, humm...xD Just read.

Alas, my dear… a figure quoted on the TV, his black and white eyes shining in the light. It dipped down onto one knee, gazing up to the female, her eyes wide. I feel I have known you for an eternity…will you…can you…would you…

"Fuck meh!" a gruff voice squaked out. The others glared in its direction, the keeper being none other than Murdoc. Russel sat between 2D and Muds, his arms crossed. He looked down to Noodle, who would be laying on the floor, her feet kicked up. This had been another one of her ‘bonding rituals’ so to speak that had gone wrong due to Murdoc’s…colorful humor. She would stiffly stand, glaring at him as suddenly, she’d yank her hat off, throwing it down.

"That’s it!" she screeched in her high-pitched voice. Russel rushed to her a tad too late – she already had leapt onto Murdoc hard enough to knock the couch backwards onto the floor. She’d begin to attempt to strangle Murdoc, her little hands slipping over his neck. Her eyes glared down, avoiding a black strip that was now exposed due to him forced on his back.

Russel quickly grabbed her by the back of the pants, pulling her up. Her hands hung loose for a moment before her anger flared again, her voice screeching out several things in Japanese. This caused her translator to peek in from the kitchen, his eyebrow arched. 2D would look to the man, his head tilted.

"Wot’d she ‘ay?" he’d ask. The translator took his glasses off, wiping them on his shirt, cleaning them.

"Well…five of the words really have no English meaning…" he’d begin. "However, she said she wished Murdoc’s life nothing but eternal torment until he matures a tad bit." The translator would whisp his glasses back upon his pointy nose, his defined cheekbones showing tints of age. Russel would sigh, walking Noodle back to his room.

"Man…we gotta get outta Kong…" he sighed some, looking to Murdoc, who would begin to down a bottle of ale. 2D would stand, turning the television off, his dented eyes glaring from Murdoc to the ground as he walked back to his room. Murdoc would stretch out on the couch more, his eyes gazing to the bottle. He’d tip his head back, taking several generous swigs before closing his eyes, letting the burning sensation deep inside his chest overtake him.

He was awoken by a sudden shake of the couch. He popped open an eye, a very bloodshot eye, glaring down at Russel. The figure would give a slight smirk.

"Pack your bags, Muds." he’d say, watching as a defiant Murdoc turned over.

"No, I ain’t leavin’ this spot." he said defiantly. Russel would grab him in an almost death grip, pulling him up eye-to-eye.

"Listen man. ‘D an I spent the last bit of cash we had on this vacation, so you get your ass down to your winna’bago or whatever the fuck you call it, and PACK." he’d set the now shaken Murdoc lightly on the ground as he would look back to 2D and Noodle. She would be donning a Hawaiian shirt, 2D dressed in nice pants, a pair of flipflops and a tee. Murdoc would walk to his winnie, throwing what supplies he needed, (booze, inverted cross, girly mags, more booze) into a suitcase. He’d change his shirt, making sure this one had a flip-up collar. The sound of something clicking, a few swears and finally a loud snap was the only audible sound.

He’d make his way outside, and into the Geep. They’d arrive a few hours later for the flight, boarding early with Noodle. (Who, by the looks of things, was rather unhappy being forced to be called a ‘child’ over and over.) Noodle would quickly bound to the window seat, followed by Russel, then 2D. Murdoc would plop down in an isle seat, being strangely quiet. His eyes never met with 2D’s, save for after the takeoff. 2D gave him a soft smile, a kind of cocky tone about it. The light clicked off, and slowly 2D got up.

"Muds, move, I gotta go take a piss!" he’d whine some, watching as Murdoc kept his feet down.

"Ten dollar toll." he’d say with a smirk. Suddenly, 2D’s lips were at his ear, whispering. Murdoc almost turned pale white as he got up, letting 2D pass. Noodle looked to the two, a curious look in her eyes as 2D passed by him. Luckly, their seats were right beside the toiletry area.

After a moment or two, the door would creep open. 2D would peek out, his voice coming out in a hushed whisper.

"Muds, I…I’m stuck! ‘Elp!" he would whimper out. Murdoc almost instantly jumped to his feet, but quickly gained his composure back. He’d slink to the door, watching as a few people stared in his direction. He’d slip into the tight area, his eyes narrowed.

"Wot is it, face ache –" his mouth was crushed by 2D’s. He’d pull back hard, glaring at him. 2D would kneel forward, whispering into his ear.

"Now then…yer master’s been wantin’ ta have some fun wif ya fer the past few days…" he growled out some, his hands sliding along Murdoc’s neck. He gripped at the black dogcollar, his hands pulling it closer. "Mmm…that’s my bitch…" he’d smirk some, watching as Murdoc’s eyes drifted from being the normal anger-filled Satanist type to an almost eerie innocent.

Murdoc loved these games, Stu realized a short while ago. He’d quickly turn Muds around, yanking his trousers down. His lips grazed the dirty mans neck. His gapped teeth bit a small mark into the nape of the hair as he smirked a half-cocked grin. His hands yanked Murdoc’s pants off as he would then run his hands along Muds’ ass. He’d part the cheeks, slowly arching his hips up a bit more. Murdoc would feel the tip at his entrance, feeling 2D slowly slip in with a pop. He’d wince some as 2D would cover his mouth.

"Mmm…that’s it…" he’d groan out, whispering some. Murdoc would slide his long, demon like tongue along the fingers as he felt 2D begin to slide deeper and deeper into him. He gripped the sink’s basin, his eyes half opened. He loved this…he knew he was 2D’s keeper outside of the bedroom, but inside…

He looked back to his azure haired master, his voice coming out in a whisper.

"M…May I touch m’self…Masta?" he would whimper out. 2D would arch his hips some, thrusting in a bit more as he’d pull back almost fully.

"I ‘unno…do ya deserve it?" he smiled evilly. Murdoc would nod quickly as suddenly, 2D’s hand grasped the tip of his throbbing member, quickly sliding over the pre-slickened tip.

This caused a sharp moan from Murdoc as he felt his insides open more to the longing man. He would thrust back onto 2D’s member harder, forcing more and more of the blue haired man inside of him, his eyes half open. He wanted 2D inside of him, he needed his master inside of him. Murdoc would bite his lip as suddenly, he felt 2D pause. He felt the member throbbing a bit before he repositioned himself, grazing his A spot.

Oh Satan, not now.

He prayed. Please…not now~

Suddenly, 2D’s hips began a quick, almost inhuman, bucking rhythm against Murdoc’s A spot. Over and over the pleasure intensified. His voice came out in a high whimper.

"Oh Satan…D…Master…Can I…oh Satan~yes right there! May I cum?!" he would bite his bottom lip, hearing the echo come out and smack him in the face. 2D would let off a soft sigh, thrusting in a bit harder. He’d almost reach his climax – he quickly gripped the foreskin of Murdoc and pumped it as hard as he could. Murdoc would hold back as long as possible before suddenly, streaks of white shot from his quivering cock. He’d arch over just as 2D was finishing his own orgasm, feeling his throbbing member pulsate inside of Murdoc. Stu would withdraw from Muds, cleaning himself off. He’d give Murdoc’s bum a pat.

"Just remember, Muds…that’s mine, k?" he’d smile his gapped grin as Murdoc would nod, quickly straightening his hair. 2D would gently tug at the collar.

"And so is this.." he’d give Murdoc a soft kiss before pulling his pants up fully, walking out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, Murdoc would follow out.

No one ever noticed


ckl666 at 2010-10-17 01:09 (UTC) (Link)
fucking great ;)
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