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Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.03.01 at 17:34
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Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.02.24 at 20:30
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Teaser For fic???

2D: Shit Muds, dat concert went well dinnit?
MURDOC: *grunts*
2D: Gods I'm hot...*takes off shirt*
MURDOC: You certainly are, mister *leers*
2D: Wut?
MURDOC: Oh, er, nothing dullard, nothing...
2D: Ah fought you said summin?
MURDOC: Just...meet me in the Bago at midnight tonight
2D: But...int the Bago usually rockin by then?
MURDOC: Exactly!!! *pounce*
2D: No, No, Murdoc, gedoff...
2D: Oi, leggo, dats not yours...
MURDOC: Oh yes it is...*licks*
2D: Oh Ok...
But Murdoc...
2D: But what's wif the handcuffs...
Oh, never mind, just keep doin that fing wif your tongue...
MURDOC: You shmexeee dullard...you taste like chicken...
2D: So? You taste like lemons!
*Russel and Noodle enter*
O__O O__O

The end (maybe)

Smutty Murdoc

Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.02.24 at 20:17
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This must be slashified...

Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.02.23 at 14:15
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Chapter 2

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First fic

Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.02.13 at 21:24
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First fic of the community!



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Posted by murdocx2dlover on 2006.02.06 at 21:19

'Come and get me, Stu...'

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