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Sexy Mudsie

Accidents Happen : A 2d/Murdoc slash, (Still continuing!)

Posted by taggedskizzle on 2008.06.27 at 17:58

Name: Accidents Happen
Length (Chapters): Err...well, if posted in segments as I have been doing, 4 er 5...but I'm going to spare you all the long, lenghty trip of having to click on LJ cuts and put it all here in one shot. Warning: It's a tad long, and still in the works. (I usually post a chapter a day, or every two days.)
Rating: PG13 first part, R/NC-17 later.
Summery: 2D had always loved art, in any form. However, after his latest endevor, he learns that sometimes, paint is best left on paper.

2D would press himself silently against a wall. Slowly, the azure haired man would creep up to the Winnebago, his black eyes catching the light from inside. His body would be clad in solid black clothing, save for a small silver watch on his right arm. He was, of course, ambidextrous with a left preference, so his drawing arm, (main one, anyway) needed to be as free from being weighted down. Over his shoulder he held a large book bag, a sound of metallic clanging making soft jingling as he made gentle strides. He’d set the bag in front of him, looking up as he unzipped it.

“Muds’ll love dis…” he’d say quietly, snickering to himself. Kneeling, he’d pull out a large can of bright pink “Inky Octopus” spray paint as he would smile deviously, beginning to paint. He would go into his own little world now, watching as his left and right hands mapped out the graffiti. He’d whip out a black can as he would go over his bright pink lettering, quickly dropping the pink can and replacing it with white. It was then, he heard a loud groan from inside the trailer.

“Whassat noise?!” a figure could be seen storming out of his Winnie, his eyes squared, glaring at the lone figure painting. 2D had just a moments notice to try to run before Murdoc grabbed his shirt collar, arching his fist.

“YA SON OF A BLOODY FUCKING BITCH!” Murdoc would glare at 2D as he would quickly bring his fist to the mans stomach. 2D would let off a loud groan as he would topple over, holding himself, his eyes half open. He knew what was going to happen next – More pain. More screaming. It was now he quickly slipped a painkiller into his mouth, chewing the capsule and swallowing it. The effects took a few moments, but he let himself be overtaken just as Murdoc brought up a booted foot to his mouth. The male’s head would fly back quickly as he looked up to Murdoc. Slowly, he began to see another Murdoc forming behind the one who had dealt the blow, then another…the room started to spin…

Fade to black.


“Ya really went ovaboard dis time, Mudz.” A hefty voice, a bit accented…Russel. 2D would know that voice anywhere. “Looks like he’s out cold. Mehbe even dead.”


“Well, how the fuck was I s’posed to know? I thought he was a fucking vandal! Was bad enough havin’ to find my Winne after it was stolen before, thought someone was tryin to fuck with the propane!”


“Well…he doesn’t look good…” another voice…a doctor perhaps? “He could be in this coma for days…maybe even weeks. He may never wake up.


“Hey! Ima wake! Ima wake!” 2D screamed. Nothing. Just the heart monitor…and his breathing. Russel quietly left the room, looking back to Murdoc.


“Yous a fool, Mudz. One day, yous gonna wake up an we’s gonna be gone. Yous started wif 2D. Gonna end with Noodle, I guess.” The door quietly closed with a click.


Silence now.


Murdoc would down his head, sitting beside the bed. He’d sigh some, his voice becoming quiet, hushed even.


“Satan…it’s me, Murdoc…listen, I know ya a little pissy wif me at the moment, but could ya kindly – err...not so kindly, give my buddy 2D back to me? Its been three weeks already, and…I’m getting tired of havin’ ta look at his stupid face all twisted like that…an his eyes all closed like that…and…” his voice became choky now, as if he was crying. He sighed some, stroking the hand of his lead singer.


“I was just gettin’ pissy with his stupidness…Faceache, c’mon, wake up!” he would lean over the singer now. 2D would feel something wet hit his face…something cold.


“You stupid cunt, wake up!” he’d stroke the male’s face, tears forming and flooding out of his eyes. He heard the heartbeat monitor begin to slow. “I fuckin’ killed you…di’int I?” he’d begin to hold the azure haired man with an arm under his neck, holding his head with his wrist.


“I…I fucking killed someone I…I loved…” Murdoc would go into an all out sobbing now, holding 2D close to him. “I’m fucking sorry…You stupid cunt…wake up…” he’d almost crush 2D to his chest as he continued to sob into the mans neck.


“Love…” 2D would quietly say to himself, his words escaping his lips in a hushed whisper. Murdoc would look to him, eyes widened.


“Wha the fuck did yew jus say?!” his eyes would search the man as the word would repeat again.




“HAIL SATAN!” quickly, Murdoc would slam his fingers into the call nurse button. A male voice would come over the intercom.







2D held his head slowly, looking about the room in a slight state of confusion. 


Ok... so I fink I’ve been outta it fer ‘bout 3 weeks now. 2D would look to a sobbing Murdoc, who by the looks of things, was trying to hide his tears. Muds would quickly wipe his eyes clean, looking down to the figure. The dirt that was caked on his face, however, showed the small, wetted streaks. 2D would point to his cheeks quietly, his voice coming out gently, softly.


“You ‘ave a lil somefin’ dare.” He’d trace his fingers along the marks. Murdoc by this point would have pulled away sharply, storming to the bathroom. He’d quickly wipe his face down, cleaning up a tad bit, exposing his flesh to be a lighter olive green then before. He’d grumble something under his breath, hearing the door swing open. An enthusiastic Noodle would leap onto 2’s bed, sitting in his lap.


“2D-sama! You are alright? Did it hurt?” she’d speak with a heavy Japanese accent, her normally half closed eyes now fully open, her feet on eather side of him as she looked to him. He’d sit up slowly, looking around more as Russel would walk in, his white eyes gazing at the boy.


“Good to have ya back, D.” he’d say with a smile. 2D’s eyes widened…normally he’d be seeing a brown blob for Russel, a cream colored one for Noodle…but he could see them clearly. He’d look to a mirror – He’d still have the dents in his eyes.


“How the…” he’d look to the doctor, who would have made his way in quietly. The doc would smile some, looking to him as he’d sit down, leaning forward.


“Stewart Tusspot –“


“It’s just D. 2D now.”


“Fine…2D. We know how your fame both went hand in hand with your voice, but your looks…was built around the eye fractures. We also know that the fractures cause temporary to permanent blindness if not dealt with properly. So, we have drained the blood and replaced it with something kind of like grey and black pixilated water.  It was a tricky process, one that required a steady hand…So, your eyes are purely cosmetic now.”


“Well…a thankya doc…but…wasn’t that a bit much? An why go dat far jus so I can see? I fink that’s against da law…” he’d look to the doctor, who would blush heavily.


“I’m…a big fan of your music…I thought you’d like to be able to see the world around you being you’ve been legally blind for the past fourteen years.” He’d look down some. 2D would bring a hand to his chin.


“Come ta think of it…I did notice Noodle looked a bit diff’ent, an…” he’d look to Russel. “You jus look fatter.”


“Yeah D, well, no amount o’ surgery’ll make ya look any better yerself.” He’d laugh some as he’d look, seeing Murdoc come from the bathroom. Murdoc would sit next to 2D’s bed, lighting a cigarette as he’d take a puff.


“So doc. Tell us how long he’s gotta be here.”


“You know, if you quit smoking now, you’ll save yourself several years on your life…”


“Shaddup.” He’d glare at the doctor who would look to him, his eyes narrowed.


“Well, your friend should be good to go after one more nights stay here.”


Nodding, the others would stand, Noodle doing a quick flip off of the bed, landing on one foot.


“We’ll see you again soon…Bye bye 2D-Sama!” and with that, she’d wait outside. Russel would kneel forward, hugging the man in his arms. His eyes would close as he whispered quietly.


“Good to have ya back, man.”


“I’ss good to be back.” He’d say quietly, falling limply from the hug into the bed. The doctor would rise, walking out.


“I’ll let you two have your privacy.” He’d say quietly, walking out of the room. Russel would walk away, smiling over his shoulder. Murdoc would snuff out his fag on a sheet on 2D’s bed, rubbing his chin.


“Bloody bastards left me in charge o’ you I guess…”


“Come off it, Muds. It aint that bad…I’m quiet.” He would then look to Murdoc, taken a back slightly. He had never seen the man this clearly before. The skin had been the only thing he had been able to see, and even the color wasn’t that appealing. He pictured Murdoc having a more narrow jaw, a more calm set of features…had this been the man he had been idolizing for so long? He’d look down to the sheets, feeling them rise some as he shifted slightly, looking back to Murdoc, who would be pre-occupied cleaning between his nails with a knife. A moment later, the lights in the hospital would flash off.


“AH!” 2D would leap out of his bed, landing in Murdoc’s lap like Scooby on Shaggy. He’d look around frantically, burying his face into Murdoc’s neck.


“Muds, da lights are all out! Is’ all dark!” he’d stammer like a little child, his eyes closed tightly. Murdoc would stiffen up, looking about as he would tense his arms. 2D didn’t care if he was going to get the most brutal beating of all time…he just wanted to hold onto Murdoc. Something about him made him feel…safe. 2D prepared his body for the worse as suddenly, he felt the two arms wrap around him, a soft mouth against his neck.


“Is ok, love.”  The voice would be rough, yet calm…Was this really Murdoc? “The lights’ll be back on in a jif’…”  He’d continue to hold the man, rocking him…petting his hair down, much like he did when charged with his keep on stormy nights. (You see, 2D had a morbid fear of lightning, he didn’t know why, but as a vegetable, he’d always ‘act up’, so to speak) Murdoc’s other hand rested against 2D’s hip, 2D blushing in return as he shifted some in his lap.


“What the…” Murdoc would look down, realizing a bit of hardened flesh pushing against his side.


“Sorrys, Muds…I has me a stiffy…” he would look away, expecting to be punched. “Happens when I get scared, I s’pose.” This was it. He knew he’d get beat back into a coma…or worse. Murdoc looked down to the boy, smiling some as he would lean forward, kissing him deeply. A nearby light flicked on, a red hue above Murdoc’s head. 2D would look up, only to see Murdoc’s red eye glowing with the light. The intercom would buzz out words slowly.


“Sorry about that, folks. We’re working on a few minor changes in the hospitals wiring, so the rooms that aren’t part of the ICU lost power for a bit. We’ve switched you to emergency generator for a bit. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for using Essex Central Care – Home of the most well taken care of patients.”


Murdoc would roll his eyes. “Most well taken care of my arse.” He would then look to 2D, who’s hospital gown had grown a small tent. He’d smile evilly, bringing a hand down to 2D’s chest.


“Say…I have a bit of an idea…why don’t we play ‘Doctor’?




2D’s eyes widened at the proposal.


“Doctah?” he would look to Muds as Murdoc would smile some, his filed fangs seeming to catch the glimmer from the overhead light. He’d slide a hand along 2D’s clothed chest, sending shivers down the boy. Murdoc would press his ear against the youth, eyes half open. His hand would trail farther down 2D’s front as he would smile some, watching the man whimper, biting his bottom lip.


“Murdoc…I…” he’d whimper some as he would look to Muds. Murdoc would lick his lips as he’d slide it down his front more, his eyes half open. Stu shivered more as he felt the hand cross along the tip of his member. He’d look up innocently as Murdoc would lift the shaking boy up, walking him to the bed. He’d lay him down, dipping his head against his neck as he would kiss along it slowly, his eyes looking up to the thin youth. A tongue danced and darted along his skin as D would blush heavily, gripping the bed between two grasping hands. He’d whimper as Murdoc would slide a hand under the gown, gently scratching into his chest.


“N…no…be ca’ful…” he whimpered some as Murdoc caught a nipple between two fingers, pinching it.


“Ow! Muds, dat bloody hur –“ his vocals were cut short as Murdoc dipped his head low, sliding his snake like tongue along the areola*. 2D would breathe heavily as Murdoc would slide up more, reaching for a pair of latex gloves. He’d smile evilly as 2D would look up to him with slightly fearful eyes.


“Wots ‘dat for?” his voice would tremble some as he would look around the room slowly. Murdoc would look about a tad bit more, pulling out a tube of something. He’d squeeze a bit out of it and slide it between his fingers. It was dark, so reading would be neigh impossible, so instead he sniffed it. He smiled some, getting a coy look upon his face. He’d walk to the sink, washing it off of his hands.


“Yer not ready for that…yet…” he’d smirk some as he would then slide the gloves over his hands, rubbing his chin some.


“Les’ee ‘ere…2D, take yer gown off.”


“But Mudsie-“


Murdoc’s anger would shoot up again, as apperent in his tone of voice.




Stewart would whimper some, sliding out of the gown as he sat there, completely naked save for his socks. He’d pull his knees up as Murdoc would grin some, walking over to him.


“Things are going to get int’resting…”



* the dark area of the nipple, surrounding the tip.


2D would blush insanely as he would look down, not moving his head. Murdoc would withdraw, stiffening up a bit as he would then smile once more, working his hand down the taller mans chest. He’d run a latex hand along the shaft once more, watching as Stu would shift slightly, whimpering loudly.


“Damnnit Muds…!” he’d look to him with pleading eyes. “Can’t keep yer hands offa there, can’ya?” he’d give a small smile as Murdoc would glare at him, sliding his hand down past his shaft and balls, gently stroking his entrance with a finger, a smirk on his lips. 2D would jump quickly at the feeling, his eyes wide open.


“Whadda ya gunna do?!” he watched as the man would get onto the bed, sliding 2D’s knees up onto his shoulders. He’d support the man between two large hands, making him lay on the top area of his back, supporting the weight on his neck some. Giving a smile, Murdoc would kiss along the mans balls once more, watching as Stu would bite his bottom lip, his eyes half open. Sliding a tongue along them, 2D had to do all he could not to squeal out Murdoc’s name, nor cry in pleasure. This was a hospital, after all, not a love shack. Murdoc would trail a tongue along his nuts again, along the vein that separated the two perfectly formed spheres as he’d lick against his taint, his eyes now closing.


Jus’ pretend isa woman… Murdoc would say quietly, his eyes shutting more, his tongue parting the cheeks.


2D would bring a hand up, beginning to stroke himself as suddenly, he let off a loud squeak. He’d feel the bandmate’s long, slinder tongue slide against him as he’d gasp, feeling the slithering go deeper and deeper, rubbing along his insides. It was all 2D could do to contain himself as he would shiver some. No *wonder* the groupies asked him how long Murdoc’s tongue was. He’d look down as he’d feel a small twinge of pressure inside himself.


“Yer hittin’ somefink!” he’d feel his face grow hotter as he saw Murdoc’s eye peeking over him, a small smile on Muds’ face. He’d begin to stroke the area inside of D with his tongue over and over, flicking the tip so fast it’d put a viberator to shame. The onslaught of pleasure continued and lasted for what seemed like eternity until suddenly, 2D’s body grew rigid.


He’d push Murdoc back with his legs as ribbon upon ribbon shot out of his quivering organ, all over his own face. Murdoc would look down to him, feeling his own member throbbing at the look. 2D’s face was flushed now as Murdoc withdrew his tongue, looking down to the younger man. He’d stand, walking to the sink, looking for 2D’s complimentry overnight kit. He’d pull out the toothbrush and paste, beginning to scrub his tongue and teeth with it. He’d feel his gums throb, the pain sending an odd sensation to his trousers.


2D would sit up, coming off of his amazing orgasm as Murdoc would walk to him, smiling some. He’d scoop the man off, licking some of the cum off of his cheek as he would smile some. 2D would climb into his lap as he would then nuzzle and kiss Murdoc’s neck, the smell of stale fags (No pun intended) and booze heavy on his clothes. He’d look up into Muds’ eyes as Murdoc would rock him again. He’d then shift some as 2D would look down, gazing at the stiff bulge.



“Oh my…” he’d quietly quote as he’d unzip the pants. Murdoc’s member would spring out as 2D would look to him with a questioning look.


“Yew mean ta tell me, ya freeballin’? his eyes would widen some as Murdoc would lean back.


“Yeah…wot’s it to ya?” he would smirk some as suddenly, he’d get an idea. “Hey faceache..” his voice would come out tenderly. 2D would blink, looking up to him. “Hows about you give me a ‘lil nibble ‘ere?” he’d point to his neck as 2D would nod, kissing to it and nibbling.


“ ‘arder, you idiot!” and with that, 2D chomped down hard enough to draw blood. Murdoc would smile, a stiff groan coming from his throat.


“Eh yeah…” he’d bring a large hand down, beginning to rub his hardened cock. 2D would look to him innocently, stroking for him as Muds would arch back some, pulling the mans mouth into his own, kissing him deeply. 2D would straddle Murdoc’s body, looking into his eyes as he’d pull back more, rubbing his own chest with his hands. Murdoc would smirk some, reaching to the side table, popping the top off of the container he had fetched and slathering his fingers with it. He’d push three of them (bunched together) into 2D from behind as he smirked some, watching as 2D gripped his shoulders hard.


“Ahh~ Muds…it ‘urts! It burns!” 2D would whimper out, Murdoc’s eyes narrowing. He’d roll the man onto his back, his eyes fixed on his lithe body.


“Take it, ya bloody cunt!” he’d then stroke his own cock more, watching as 2D covered his face some, hiding the fact he’d be crying slightly from the pain. As Murdoc got onto his knees, he’d stroke the tip quickly, watching as a bead of pre would slide from the opening. He’d grab 2D’s hips as he’d slide the man up and over his shaft, the tip pressing threateningly at the entrance.


“R…red…” 2D would whimper out a word as Murdoc froze, holding the boy close. He’d look into the man’s eyes. Watching as the tears flooded his eyes, he’d gently kiss the man.


“Is alright…is alright…” Murdoc would say quietly, stroking the poor man’s bum. He’d then look into his eyes.


“How’ the bloody hell’d you know wot a safeword was?” Murdoc questioned, looking to a now blushing 2D


“Paula was a…erm…a dom’natrix.” He’d look away, watching as Murdoc would rub his chin. Muds would lift 2D’s face, looking into his eyes.


“You like bein’ forced to do stuff?” Murdoc would question, a genuine look of concern in his eyes. 2D would look away.


“Dats not all of’it..” he’d look down, fiddling with Murdoc’s shiny cross. “I also like ta be called mean ‘fings, like…” he’d pause some, looking to Muds as Murdoc would get an evil grin.


“Get on yer stomach, ya sod.” He’d then push 2D to the bed as the man would yell, his bum raised into the air. Murdoc would part his cheeks as he’d ready his own stiffened cock, his eyes half open. He’d push in hard, forcing the azure haired man to yalp in pain, buring his face in the blankets. The door would open as quickly, Murdoc would roll the naked man on his back, covering him.


“Is everything alright?” a nurse would shine a flash light on the two. Murdoc would shift, holding 2D close.


“Yeah, ‘e jus woke from a nightmare. And when the bloody hell’s the power gettin’ back on?!” he’d growl at the nurse as 2D would shift some, feeling the cock slip deeper inside of himself, It was all 2D could do to not scream – much less moan, from the pressure now applied to both his backside and his front.


“In a few hours.” The nurse said, giving a questioning look to the two.


“Whatta ya stairin at, ya pinprick?” he would glare at her as she’d turn.


“Nothing…Sorry I disturbed you.” The door would close quietly as Murdoc would sigh some, pushing his hips back slightly. 2D would whimper, feeling the man deep inside himself, looking up innocently. Nails raked Murdoc’s back, causing the mans dick to jump in excitement, pushing into him deeper as he smiled some, kissing the mans neck. He’d then withdraw again, pushing into him deeper as he grunted, licking his lips once more.


“Yer right, dis does burn a bit, doesn’t it?” he’d watch as 2D’s eyes opened, looking up into his own. He then noticed a small flaw with the cosmetic work – the particals caught the red light shade, causing his eyes to look as if they were glowing red. Murdoc’s evil side would take over now as he began to pound poor 2D harder and harder, watching as the man gripped onto the guardrails of the bed, watching as he slowly deflowered 2D, (He was sure 2D hadn’t ever tried anal sex – he was much too tight to have ever had) his eyes closing.


He continued to shift deeper into him, arching his hips more and more. He’d pick 2D’s sholders up, holding him close as he smiled some, thrusting up into him. 2D moaned in extacy as Murdoc dipped his head down, his snake-like tongue catching the tip of 2D’s cock, his eyes gazing up to the man. 2D would shiver as he kept thrusting more and more, watching as slowly, his own cock began to throb in rhythm.


“Muds…ya…might not wanna do dat…” his voice was choked between thrusts as Murdoc gripped the boy’s hips hard, thrusting deeper. A smirk. He’d begin to lick and twist his tongue around the cock, watching as 2D did his best to hold back from his orgasm. Murdoc would glare at him as he would thrust into him hard, gripping his hips.


“Come, ya little bitch!” he’d watch as this would push 2D over the threshold, watching as the boy let off a small series of whimpers. The sounds grew in volume as strand upon strand of translucent white would hit Stu’s face. Every shot caused his body to jerk in such a way, it was as if he had never felt this immense amount of pleasure before.


Indeed he hadn’t. Not from Murdoc. Not from his idol.


Murdoc would milk the mans hardon, his eyes half open as he felt his cock throbbing inside of 2D. He knew at any moment, he could let 2D have his hot demon seed.


“Beg for it.” He’d smirk, watching 2D’s eyes widen.




“BEG!” he would growl, slapping 2D hard across the face. 2D would whimper some as his voice came out trembling more and more.


“Oh, please Murdoc…please fill me with your ‘sence..” he would blush heavily. “Take me…please!” he would whimper more as suddenly, he felt his bum throbbing. Gripping the bed, Murdoc let off a loud groan, and with every thrust of his hips came another strike against 2D’s A-spot. He’d smile some, his eyes widened at the sensation of taking someone much younger than him…the virginity of one. Sure, he had had legal, (And perhaps some that weren’t so old..) pussy, but nothing could match the sensation that 2D was giving him. He’d slowly come off of his orgasm, holding the male close to him.


Breaths caught. Sweat mingled and melded until one sticky body became two. The lights flashed on, Murdoc’s hips pulling back. He would look down, noticing he wouldn’t be able to move from his spot. The bassist’s face turned pale, his body going numb as his eyes met with the tube of lube.


“Oh fuck!” he would pull back again as 2D, panicked, would look around.


“Wots wrong?!” he’d pat the man softly, trying to comfort him. His eyes would fall onto the tube, widening as well.


“Wot’s ‘Dermabond’ – FUCK! Ya di’int use that in me, didja, Mudsie?!” he’d read the title over and over as Murdoc would slump down.


Fade to black…



O.K. Metro
fingerbleed at 2009-04-18 21:57 (UTC) (Link)
HA, HA! XD I totally didn't expect that ending! Anyway, that had to have been the hottest sex scene I've ever read. :'D And it was convincing, definitely.
(Anonymous) at 2010-07-25 22:03 (UTC) (Link)
Wait ima need u to reply back to me..... Is dis wat really hapend? I meen not in real life but between them?
tripp_4life at 2010-09-07 01:12 (UTC) (Link)
Wot’s ‘Dermabond’ – FUCK! Ya di’int use that in me, didja, Mudsie?!” he’d read the title over and over as Murdoc would slump down.

Hahahahha i almost pissed my self laughing!!! loved the story!!!
mivmus at 2010-10-01 18:17 (UTC) (Link)
waaah....that was sooo hot..
i read many fictions...but this is the best yaoi fanfic EVER.
Nice work.
ninirue2 at 2011-12-20 04:22 (UTC) (Link)


I am now mentally scarred forever and because of this I need to be destroyed. Thank you.
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